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What We Do for You
  • The goal of Walter Murphy Global Advisors, LLC is to help clients better understand and benefit from the movements of the capital markets. It is our belief that if the markets’ signals are understood – and anticipated – clients will have the opportunity to make informed judgments that will lead, in turn, to more profitable decisions.
  • Our firm monitors the major asset classes and derives its opinions almost exclusively through the use of technical analysis. In addition, the firm monitors a select number of fundamental indicators but this is also done through the use of technical analysis.   
  • This approach allows us to accurately understand the action and inter-action of the markets. We also monitor the various degrees of trend (near-term, medium-term, long-term).  This use of market analysis, inter-market analysis, and trend analysis results in "Strategic Analysis for the Serious Investor."
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Walter G. Murphy, Jr.

Walter has been the Managing Partner of Walter Murphy Global Advisors, LLC since 2009.  He has followed the financial markets professionally since 1977, including 25 years as the senior international technical analyst at Merrill Lynch. Walter maintains a significant personal database and is a recognized expert in the Elliott Wave Principle.

Walter has a BA from the College of the Holy Cross and an MBA  from Babson College.  He is a CFA and a board member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA).

Walter's Chart List:

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