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We have a simple approach to size fits all!  For a single low annual price, you will receive our valued commentary:

  • Short Term Review (2-3 issues each month)
  • Monthly Review (11-12 per year)

In addition, our occasional blog is sent to subscribers (at no additional cost) prior to public release.

Join today for only $365/year by completing the membership form online.  Major credit card and checks are accepted.  If you are a corporate client interested in using a purchase order, please contact us.

We do not have a formal trial membership.  However, upon request, we will e-mail our most recent STR and Monthly Review for examination.

If you are still interested, please subscribe at our annual rate of $365.  If, within three months, you feel that what we do is not for you, we will send a refund of $250.

There are no refunds after three months.






Personal Consultations

Members can request private conference calls with Walter.  These calls are targeted to a 1-hour limit and up to 5 participants.  All participants must be sponsored by the registering member.  These calls are excellent opportunities to get into specific issues and focused topics!  Price: Inquire for more information


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