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Our subscribers will benefit from our periodic Short Term Reviews and our monthly Insights for a single low annual price. Long time readers tend to want and even prefer our Elliott Wave and cycle commentary. Others put more of a focus on the non-Elliott indicators and comments. Virtually everyone welcomes our "Plain English" summaries. We will do our best to continue this style in order to satisfy as many “needs” as possible.

In addition to these subscription services, we regularly release a concise blog to keep readers aware of the implications of short term developments.

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As you know, these are very volatile times and, not surprisingly, the markets have reflected – and anticipated – the turmoil. Obviously, nobody gets it right all the time but our ongoing study of the financial markets over the past 30+ years helps us to better understand the internal dynamics and be alert to “signals” that often precede changes in trend. The perfect or infallible indicator does not exist, and bumps in the road do occur. That said, we believe that our analysis often identifies and anticipates major opportunities in the financial markets before they are obvious to the investing public.


It has been, and will continue to be, our objective to help subscribers more clearly determine, define, and anticipate the dominant trends in the equity markets, interest rates, commodities, and currencies in time to make educated (and profitable) investments. Some opportunities will be short term. Most will be intermediate and longer term in nature. Constant vigilance is required in these times and we will continue to make every attempt to educate and update our subscribers through the several avenues of communication that we will offer.

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